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Participant's presentations
Interested participants can optionally give a short overview of their own work through either poster or oral presentations. 

Deadline for abstract submission: June 17th 2022.

Posters. Poster sessions are being planned for the late afternoons of September 6th, 7th and 8th. On-site participants will have to bring their poster in A0 format (portrait), but we will provide some help by suggesting some print/copy shops close to the University. Online participants will have the possibility to share their digital poster using an online platform. More details will be given in a later stage.

Oral presentations. A short session with lightning talks (5 minutes each, with no questions or discussions) will take place every day. Both on-site and online participants can ask for such a possibility, but only a limited number of slots are available. On-site participants will give the talks live. They will be asked to give the permission to record the talks and to make them available online for the other participant of the School. Online participants will have to pre-record their presentation in advance (and provide permission for sharing the video within the School).

Instructions. If you wish to present your work in one of the above formats, you will have to fill in this abstract template and send it to by midnight (CEST) of June 17th 2022. In this file you will have to indicate whether you prefer to give an oral or poster presentation. Based on the total number of abstracts received and the constraints we will have on the School agenda and the space for posters, an internal committee will evaluate whether your preference for oral or poster can be accomodated. In a later date, the abstracts will be published in this website.

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